Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's a sad, sad day

My KitchenAid mixer died this afternoon in the middle of mixing a double batch of cinnamon sugar cookies. It's made double and triple batches of cookies before, so I know I didn't overload it. Now I can't use the grater, slicer, meat grinder and other attachments that I have to go with it. I know, I can do things other ways, but the last time I grated cheese by hand, I grated my knuckles. I'm not allowed to play with sharp instruments because I cut myself. I've had my mixer since 1991. I will go through mixer withdrawals. I'm pretty sure the gears are stripped. I will get it fixed since it will be cheaper than buying a new mixer. Maybe it's my mixers way of telling me I eat too many cookies, which I do. I have to eat the cookies since the robins won't. Anyway, until I can get it fixed, it will be missed.

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