Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I have embarrassed my kids in public

It was unintentional, but I have embarrassed my kids in public. I used to carry my takli spindle and cotton balls with me for something to do while waiting in doctor's' offices and where ever else I ended up waiting.
After sitting for a bit, I'd pull out the spindle and cotton balls and start to spin. It was a great way to get people to ask about spinning, as well as passing the time. My kids didn't think so. Seems it was "embarrassing" having people stare and then come over to talk. As a formerly very shy person, it didn't bother me any. I liked showing people cotton ball spinning.
I am slowly teaching myself how to tat with shuttles and wonder what the kids would do when I pull out my shuttles?
The way I look at it is, turn about is fair play. My kids have embarrassed me in public too.


  1. Well I may prefer the shuttles to a bag of blue cotton balls.

  2. Good for you! Yes, kids have a knack for it don't they? I still get hot thinking about some of the things my daughter has said and done!