Monday, November 28, 2011

The Snow Has Come And Gone

   Our snow has come and gone, thanks to a lot of rain. I do think it would be nice to see the sun once in a while. The snow and rain has made the ground really muddy and we have been having high winds, (well, for up here they are high winds)and I worry about the pine trees blowing over since they don't have very deep roots.
   We all survived Thanksgiving, and we all over ate. The weather was actually pretty nice for most of the day, too. Family, good food, sun and blue sky, what more could you ask for?
   I have way to many in progress crochet projects going right now. Two scarves, socks, a rabbit, Jake's bed, an afghan and I'm sure there has to be one or some that I have forgotten about. The Rabbit is for Michaela's first birthday, socks for me, scarves for Myrna and Amy. Unfortunately, I'm doomed to have severely cracking fingers and thumbs on the fleshy parts, which makes crocheting painful. If anyone out there has any suggestions on haw to heal cracked fingers, please let me know.
   My favorite place to download old time radio shows is back up and running. If you like old time radio shows, Zoot Radio has a great selection, and they are all free to listen to or download, so I have been downloading them and putting them on my mp3 player to listen to. It's funny, but I don't skip any of the otr when they are on my mp3 player, but I carefully select music to put on it, and I'll skip songs, even though I put them on there because I like them. I like to listen to them as I fall asleep at night, but the downfall of this is, I have to go back and listen to them over again because I fell asleep through the show.
   I have an appointment Friday to get my leg brace. I really hope it works. I bought a new pair of tennis shoes and some socks just to wear with the thing. My walking stick is almost finished. It's getting the polyurethane coats put on it. I hate using my cane and I thought a taller, walking stick type would be nicer. I had Tim make it 40" tall and I selected a nice wooden ball for the top of it. With it being 40" tall, it will be great for uneven ground, hiking, etc. Besides that, I'm 5'10" tall and I wanted it that high.
   I'm seriously going to try to eat healthier and less. I really need to loose weight and cut way back on my sugar consumption. I know I am a sugar addict.
   Ah, well. I guess I should get up and do something. I am thinking about making some gingerbread today. We just happen to have some whipped cream in the fridge.


  1. Laura,
    Try O'Keeffe's working Hands. There are a lot of people who do crochet, needle point etc... who use the product. I hope it works for you.

  2. We have 40% chance of snow on Friday...don't worry, my new project added to your list can wait a while.

  3. Thanks Jake. I have used O'Keefe's for a couple of years now, but it's not working as well as it used to, but I continue using it because it still works up to a certain point. Everything I have tried works until I wash my hands and then it's back to square one, no matter how much I lotion up my hands afterwords.
    Alyssa, your project will be fast and easy once I get to it.