Thursday, November 10, 2011

It Keeps Me Out Of Trouble

   Since fall is in the air, with snow fast approaching, the California transplants are cold, so I've made some things for Amy and Michaela.
    It's really too bad the green doesn't show the true light grass green color. Even though I made these slippers small, they are still too big for Michaela. She'll just have warmer feet next year.
                                                 Here is a side view of the slippers.
                                            The other side of the slippers.
                                          The bottom of the slippers. The slippers were made from leftover yarn I had from last year when I made me some socks. I am pretty sure I will have to make me some nice, bright slippers like these. I like nice, bright colors. One of these days, I intend to make slippers like these and other styles and try to sell them at craft fairs. My problem is deciding on a price. I have made adult slippers like these and sold them for $20.00. I don't want to sell them so cheap, I don't make a profit, yet too expensive.
    Here are socks I made with self stripping yarn. I made them for me, but they turned out too small. Teach me to use different yarn and not checking the gauge. Anyway, they are Amy's socks now, even though they are a bit too big for her.
   Here is Michaela's sweater I made for her that was a gift from her Great Aunt Myrna.
                                                        I like the cute lady bug buttons.
   I am currently working on 2 scarves and another pair of socks. I finally found a book that helps me with crocheting socks. There is a sock loom that I think about getting, but if I can crochet nice socks, I guess I don't really need the sock loom. I'll take pictures of the next socks once they are finished. I wouldn't be making socks, except since I broke my leg a few years ago, I can't wear commercially made socks.
   My crochet project list isn't really getting any shorter. 

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