Sunday, November 20, 2011

Snow? Fancy That

   It's that time of year again. You know, that white stuff falling from the sky, that keeps me stuck in the house. Still, it's pretty. Cold. Wet. Gray, gloomy sky. There was a very brief period of sun earlier this afternoon. Then it was blinding. I do have a good view of it all from my rocking chair by the window. Hot chocolate, crafts, something to read, TV to watch and a computer to play on and I'm all set.
   Chip is watching the snow fall. He really likes watching snow, rain and hail. Jake is curled up in Chip's bed, oozing over the sides.
   We had our first wild turkey today. Well, 3 of us had our first wild turkey today. Tim and I didn't think it was too bad, but I don't think Amy was impressed. I fixed it as a soup/stew with sage dumplings that called for partridge and not turkey. Partridge, turkey, they're both birds. Besides that, and the most important reason, is I had the ingredients the recipe called for. The breasts from the turkey are in the freezer for another meal.
   Our snow is suppose to wash away later this week with lots of rain. The usual will happen then. It will freeze and then snow on top of it and then it will be a really nice sheet of ice to slip and slide on.
   My custom made leg brace should be finished next week, so I can learn how to walk in snow with it on and with no left ankle movement.  And, because I couldn't just have a plain old boring white leg brace, I chose to have a purple one with yellow, green and orange butterflies and neon yellow velcro straps. If I have to wear a leg brace, I might as well have fun with the colors. It does have a section of tan leather that goes down the front of my leg. Could be it's because I grew up in the '70's or it could be, I'm just weird. Personally, I think a glow in the dark brace would be neat to have.
   Thanksgiving is this week, and I really hope the 21 pound turkey thaws out. There will be 6 of us and besides the turkey and the rest of the fixings, my mother-in-law is bringing a ham and a duck. Don't ask me why. I guess so we can be really stuffed. She is also bringing the desert. I hope pumpkin pie is on the menu.
   I hope everyone has a good and safe Thanksgiving. Black Friday, I will be home, I hope, but you never know.

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