Thursday, December 1, 2011


   Have you ever had one of those days when you should just stay out of the kitchen? I should have the other night.    I thought I'd make some carrot bread. I doubled the recipe as usual. No problem there. I put everything except the carrots in my kitchen aid mixer bowl, raised the bowl up and heard a crack. I didn't see anything, so continued with the mixing. I added the carrots, mixed it all together and poured the batter in to two pans. First, things do cook much faster if you turn the oven on.
   I moved the mixer back to it's spot and found a small piece of white plastic that looks like nylon. It wasn't there when I started, so that must have been the crack. The mixer worked fine, so who knows.
   The bread baked, I took it out of the oven and turned the pans upside down to get the bread out. I did let them cool for a bit first. Most of the bottom of the first loaf stuck even though I used nonstick bread pans that I had sprayed with cooking spray just because.
   I went to pick up the loaf of bread and it was too hot and it really didn't want to be picked up, so my brilliant idea was to put another cooling rack over it and flip it over. I have done this many, many times before with no problem. Not so lucky this time. The bread slipped from between the racks, hit the edge of the kitchen island and broke. Most of the loaf landed on the floor. It's really a good thing I made two loaves. I figured I probably shouldn't do the 2 second rule, so it got tossed and then the dogs had a good snack of crumbs.
   I had Amy get the other loaf out. She did, with no problem. Amy did tell me I couldn't be perfect all the time.
   I then went on to make Tapioca pudding. I managed to burn it. The heat was on low, but it still burned. I even stood there and stirred it the whole time. I soaked and scrubbed and soaked and scrubbed the pan. It finally came clean. It's the first time I've ever done that. Such is life.
   All this is almost as bad as when I melted the plastic cutting board in the oven. I had used the cutting board, washed it and for some reason put it in the oven. Later, I fixed steaks in the broiler, wondering why the steaks smelled so funny. They tasted really odd, too. Seems the oven gets hot when the broiler is on. Duh!! Anyway, once the oven cooled down, the melted cutting board came off of the racks and the bottom of the oven with no problem.
   Unfortunately, these mishaps still don't get me out of cooking, so it's off to fix spaghetti I go. Hopefully, mishap free.

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