Sunday, October 30, 2011

What's That Smell? Sorry About That

   So, last week I started dehydrating some onions. Unfortunately, the only place I had to dehydrate them was in the house. After a while, your eyes stop watering, but your nose continues. At least mine did. We go through a lot of onions, so we planted a few hundred. Last year, I dehydrated 99% of them. I dehydrated them so they'd last. We planted more onions this year than last year. This year, I guess I will chop and freeze most of them, and here is the reason why.
   Amy went to Walmart and was in the check out line, and the woman in front of her asked Amy if she smelled like onions. Amy said she guessed she probably did and explained why. This led to conversations about dehydrating onions.
   Daniel was called into the office at work because people complained he smelled. I guess some people just don't like or recognize odor de onion. He told his coworkers I was dehydrating onions and they wanted to know who in their right mind dehydrates onions?
   Tim noticed when he was talking to people at work, they'd step away from him.
   I do admit, this years onions had a much stronger odor than last years. One day, maybe I'll have someplace other than the house to dehydrate onions. every time I think about putting the dehydrator outside, it decides to rain.
   So, to keep coworkers and the general public happy, I will chop and freeze the rest of our onions. All I can say is, sorry about that.

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