Thursday, July 14, 2011

So Much For Sunny Weather

   It seems our sunny weather has left us for a while. Yesterday, we had a brief high of 66. With more rain. It's so dark and cloudy now, it's probably going to start raining any minute now. We have 20% chance of isolated thunderstorms today. I told Tim the weather report and told him it would be a nice enough day do ride his motorcycle to work. I hope he doesn't get wet.
   The deer have discovered the garden and our fruit tree saplings. Pea plants seem to be really tasty. There is now a fence all the way around the garden.
   One of the 3 cherry trees we planted is now a cherry stick. No leaves or branches on it. It should come back. The deer started on a second cherry tree, but didn't eat much of it. I figure the deer was full because it eat pea plants and the cherry tree.
   The one cherry tree that had all the nice, red, almost ripe cherries on it, has none, thanks to little birds that went through the fence to get them. It has netting over the top of the fence around it, and the birds didn't get in that way. Darned wild life.
   In the last couple of days, Michaela has learned how to sit up by herself, get on her knees and not hold onto anything and pull herself up to stand. She's working on the how to get down from standing other than letting go and falling. Amy said she caught her holding onto the top of the crib with one hand and turning and bending down to pick up a toy to throw. Amy also said she walked around the crib while holding onto the rail. Michaela will be 7 months old Saturday. Michaela doesn't like being a baby. We need to find someplace else for the play pen because it's by the window and yesterday, she stood up and grabbed hold of the blinds. I guess it's about time to baby proof.
   Chris the llama, who lives behind us scared Chip yesterday morning, and now Chip won't even go to his favorite tree. It looked like Chris was eating, when he scared Chip, so I have no idea what happened. Poor Chip came running back to the house and if he had a tail that wasn't cropped, I'm sure it would have been tucked between his legs as he ran to the house.
   Once again, I'm trying to convince Chip he is a dog and that I am boss. It's really hard to do when I'm the only one who does it. I'm tired of being jumped on and pawed. Tim says he doesn't have any problems with Chip. Chip also has started growling at me and snapping at me when I try to cut his hair. You nick the god one time with a pair of scissors and look what happens. The nick barely broke the skin. I think I'll get him a muzzle. I also think stress from the now lively home has gotten to Chip. He was used to quiet sure and dull. It's not anymore. Jealousy is another of his problems. I'm not suppose to hold anyone but him. He keeps the other 2 dogs away from me.
   All four dogs play together now, which is progress. Unfortunately, Elsa and Sadie say that Jake and Chip don't know how to play. They play tug of war and Jake and Chip never have. Elsa wisely stays out of the way when Jake is playing. She'd get run over and hurt. So instead, she parks at the dogs as they are playing.
   The wind has started and I think I can see some sun. Hopefully, the clouds will burn off. I've got to go. I've got a basket of towels calling me. Again.

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