Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Soon, Lots Of Fiber In My Diet. Not The Kind You Are Probably Thinking Of

   Last evening, the growing lamb from behind us got in the yard. As she was trying to go back home, she panicked when she saw her people, and ran into the fence, getting tangled in it and tearing it down. They will try to fix the fence today.
   Wendy, the sheep's mom, is going to buy my sheep shears and some, if not all, of my goat supplies. I have no use for them anymore. I mentioned to Wendy before that I spun, and she wanted to know if I wanted many Shetland sheep fleeces and 2 or 3 llama fleeces. Of course, I said yes. I will use use some of it to teach her, possibly her kids and a friend and Amy how to spin. After I teach her how to spin, I will teach her how to crochet.
   The sheep's dad, William, is going to give Tim lessons in butchering. William was worried about teaching Tim the kosher way, but it doesn't matter to us, so I think Tim is learning how to butcher chickens this weekend.
   They will also give us an endless supply of compost from all their critters. Wendy and William were both impressed with our garden, even though we don't think it's doing as well as last years. With the lack of sun, and 12 inches of rain so far this year, things are behind.
   We did have fresh homegrown spinach with out supper last night. I have a lot more I need to harvest. William said they have never grown spinach, so it's now on their list of things to grow in their garden next year.
   Since I will be getting some extra money, I will use part of it for the pressure canner and more jars. I'm also thinking shoes and socks would be nice, since I figure one of these days I'll actually have to wear shoes again.
   I guess with people coming over, it's the extra incentive I need to dust.

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