Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Have Fiber

   I have 4 Llama fleeces and 2 Suffolk sheep fleeces to skirt, wash and, card and spin. I would still like the Shetland sheep fleeces. The Suffolk fleeces are white and about 3 inches long. The Llama fleeces are a nice brown, a nice tan, a cream colored and a white, black, gray, and tan and about 6 inches long. Amy wasn't really thrilled that I am teaching her how to spin with the Suffolk wool. Amy also has to learn how to skirt, wash and card the wool. She isn't really happy about having to touch dirty and then wet wool.
   The spinach is ready to harvest again, so I have to take care of all that before I play in my fiber. So now, since we have a bathtub and a walk in shower in our bathroom, the fiber is in bags in the bath tub. There are people in the extra room where it would have ended up. We don't have a garage to store it in or a shed, so the bath tub it is. Who knows where the bumper crop of potatoes will end up this year until I can work my way through them. Luckily, they aren't ready to harvest yet.
   I didn't buy shoes and socks with the money I paid for the sheep shears. Instead, I bought a table for my dutch oven. Nothing exciting, but now I can use my dutch oven and not break my back picking the heavy thing up. My dutch oven weighs 23 pounds empty, so having it cooking at table height is going to be much nicer. I bought a roast for my first meal since they are hard to mess up. I'll add some potatoes and carrots and onions and be good to go. Add some nice, fresh spinach as a veggie and a hone grown salad, and it will be great. Maybe, even fresh bread since I make 2-3 loaves a week.
   I do believe I've made myself hungry, so I'm off to go eat something.

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