Monday, March 14, 2011

Mud Season

Our front yard
    One of the seasons we have up here is mud season, and we're in that season now. The snow has pretty much melted and we have been having rain just about every day. We also made it up to 60 degrees yesterday. People were out in shorts. Spring is definitely on the way.
   We've also had some pretty strong winds along with the rain. A couple of our trees have snapped because of the wind. We are seriously thinking about cutting down a tree at the end of our house. If it should fall, depending on the direction, we could have it in our living room, and we'd rather not have it there.
   Jake and Chip go out and sniff the air. I wonder what catches their interest? Jake is not impressed at all with mud season. He hates his feet getting yet and icky. We need to plant more grass this year to help control the mud and give Jake a bigger area to walk.
   Chip, on the other hand, isn't fazed by mud. He tromps through anything and doesn't seem to mind. Of course, once he's in the house again, he has to jump on something before I wipe his feet off. The last thing Chip jumped on after his excursion out was the Christening afghan I was working on. I was using #10 thread. Anyway, the Christening afghan is no longer. Besides getting little muddy Chip prints all over it, Chip got tangled in it. I had a lot of hours into that afghan.  Good thing I like Chip. Chip is also getting a haircut because the mud really stays in his curly poodle leg hair. I figure by the time I finish clipping him, it will be time to clip what I have already finished. On day, I have to get some electric dog clippers instead of the Scaredy Cuts I use now, only because they will be much quicker.
   The mud is slippery and you sink and slide in it when you walk in it. Tim is really going to have a fun time fixing the driveway when the mud dries. Good thing he has his tractor. The driveway is such a mess. We have a 4x4 truck and it has trouble going up and down the driveway. One day, when we win that elusive lottery that we seldom play, we'll get gravel for the driveway, among many other things.
   If all this isn't bad enough, Saturday I came down with a cold or something. I was just sick not too long ago. What's with this? I break bones, I don't get sick. I would be happy with out the broken bones or being sick, though. I guess I'll just have to sit around and crochet a new Christening afghan and read.

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