Monday, February 28, 2011

Weird Winter

   This winter is weird. We moved up here from Lancaster, CA, in the Mojave desert. We lived there for about 18 years and we only had snow a handful of times. This year, they have had snow a few times. Snow when we lived there would have been nice. It doesn't stick around long there, but still, it's a break from brown.
   We have had over 60 inches so far this winter, but it doesn't seem like that much because it has melted and snowed again. Several times. I haven't been keeping track of the snow fall amounts too much this year, like I have past winters. It's snowing now and we are suppose to have more snow for the next couple of weeks. I thought that groundhog said we weren't having 6 more weeks of winter. I know, it's only February. A week ago, or so, we made it up to 52. I saw kids in shorts and barefooted playing outside. That is about shorts weather up here.
   Last week was so cold, the dogs froze when they went out. I put socks on Chip's feet so his poor little feet would be a little warmer. Both Jake and Chip don't like what is called champagne snow, the fine powdery snow that is good for skiers. They like the fluffy, big, wet flakes, which also seem warmer. Putting socks on Chip reminded me of putting socks an babies, except by the time I thought I had socks on all 4 of Chip's feet, he managed to have 2 of them off. They did make a difference, though. Jake's foot with the 3 toes is the only one that seemed to bother him. We really do need to find the do boots. Jake has a pair and the other pair is way too big for either dog, since we bought them for Dixie, who weighed 150 pounds.
   We are trying to decide how much bigger to make the garden and what to plant. Doing that. just makes us wish it was May or June already. The rule of thumb up here, is, you plant after Mother's Day. Sometimes, that is still too early.
   Today, I'm working on the Christening afghan, washing clothes and making french bread to go with our spaghetti, and watching the snow fall. Life sure is rough.

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