Friday, February 18, 2011

New Toys Update

   Well, I've had my new toys for a week and thought I'd let you know what I think of them.    The new Verizon wifi hot spot works so much better than the broadband we had. Some of us have a hard time remembering to turn it on and off. It really does work so much better if we turn it on. I guess we should check into upgrades more often.
   I really like the Nook Color. The more I play with it, the more I like it. By reading one of the 3 owner's manuals last night, I discovered I can change the color of the screen from white, to gray, black, butter sepia and mocha. The black says it's for night reading and it really made a difference for me having white letters on a black background last nigh. Right now, I have the screen set to butter, which is an off white.
   I have downloaded several epub books from different sites. Today, I think I will download a library book to read. I downloaded a Mahjong game that said it work on the Nook Color, gut it doesn't, and now, I can't figure out how to get it off. I also haven't come across how to but the epup books into the book file. I do know how to add them to my bookshelf and archive them when I'm done reading them.
   Going on the internet is easy. It's nice you can turn the Nook Color and have the screen landscape. You can also make the images much larger.
   All in all, I think both were good investments, especially living out in the sticks. Ok, they'd be good even if we lived in town, but for me, I can get books and not have to drive to town to buy one or check some out at the library.
   Last weekend, when we went to Barnes and Noble, I ask about their membership card, and the very chirpy, chipper, girl working there explained that they are $25.00 a year and the whole family can use them. I almost told her I just got a Nook Color and didn't need to go there anymore. I wonder what she would have done if I did say that?
   There is a down side to the Nook Color. I had to get a bigger purse. For years, I've been trying to carry less and use much smaller purses. All of mine are too small, so I just had to go and get a bigger one. I ordered it from Amazon and I should get it in a week. Mail ordering is more convenient, too. I like purses made by Baggallini because most of them have really nice built in wallets. I ordered one called the Everything Bag, and it actually looks like it might be. Tim has finally come to realize, I will probably find the perfect purse. Looking at the pictures of this one, it just might be the perfect purse. I guess I'll know soon enough. This will be my third Baggallini.
   Today for excitement, we are going to get the oil in the truck changed and I'll bring the Nook Color to read. Now the question of the day is, what do I want to read?
   The cracks in my fingers are healed again, so what I should do when we get home from or really exciting weekend outing, is crochet again. Times going by fast, and I don't have that much done.

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