Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Frigid Outside

   It's downright frigid outside. The sun is shining, but it's colder when it shines. It's been snowing all day. The flakes are tiny, powdery flakes. We had blizzard conditions last night. Luckily, the power stayed on, even though it did flicker a few times.
   Poor Chip needs boots and a coat. Jake could use them, too. We do have dog boots. Jake has a pair, and we had a huge pair for Dixie. I guess when we find them, Jake can wear Dixie's since she's no longer with us, and Chip can wear Jake's. The only problem is the snow is deeper that the boots are high. I thought I'd have to go out and get Chip this morning because his poor little feet hurt so much to walk in this snow. Fluffy, wet snow doesn't seem to bother the dogs as much. I guess that's because it's actually warmer.
   Some crazy people moved up here because they wanted seasons. Makes you wonder about some people. This is suppose to be a very cold, wet winter. The heat pump is keeping the house comfortable. I'm not looking forward to the next electric bill. I really wish we had a wood burning stove. That's another thing on our list for when we win the lottery. Our electric blanket bit the dust, too, so now we can be crushed under the weight of all the blankets.
   I have plenty to keep me busy now that I'm stuck inside. I did lean as far as I could out the front and back doors and shoveled the snow off of the steps. Unfortunately, out the back door there is now a pile of snow at the base of the steps. I couldn't reach far enough out to take care of that problem.
   The potato soup mix is really good in this type of weather. I like croutons in mine, my parents put real bacon bits in theirs. I'll be keeping a supply on hand.


  1. So I shouldn't mention it's 70 here today? lol.

  2. It got down to -7 last night and we might have made it to 15 today. The dogs are not impressed.

  3. Such is the weather in those places. I grew up in it so I know what to expect, poor Amy is in trouble however.