Monday, November 1, 2010

And The GE Man Says...

GE Self-Cleaning Radiant Range
   Since I'm new at canning, (this is the second year I have tried canning) and was going by web sites for information about canning, and what I could, and couldn't do, on a smooth glass top stove I was only using the boiling water bath method, because my instruction manual said it was ok to do it.
   After my Sage of The Green Tomato Sauce post, I thought I'd try and find out the answer to the pressure cooker/canner question.
   I called GE this morning, and talked to one of their experts. I asked him if I can use pressure cookers/canners on this model, and  after being put on hold and him researching the question, he said yes, and it also takes the burners about 26 seconds to cool down or heat up. So, now I know.
   I guess for next year, besides a freezer, and a bigger dehydrator, I also need a pressure canner. I just need to find out what is a good, inexpensive model. I also called and asked Amy if she used the pressure cooker I gave her, that my mom gave me. My mom gave it to me because it didn't work that well on electric stove top with the coils.
   Now that we all know the answer to this question, I'm going to get up and go make chocolate chip cookies.

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  1. Good ole GE, always nice to get the answers you want from folks.