Monday, August 23, 2010

Onions, Onions, And More Onions

   Last evening, Tim and I harvested the last of the onions that the deer squished. I haven't weighed my produce box full yet, but I think there are at least 20-30 pounds of onions in it. I'll clean them up and weigh them later this week. Most of them are almost tennis ball size, with a good mixture of smaller ones. We still have at least 100-150 left that the deer haven't smashed down.
   I dehydrated 7 3/4 pounds Friday, and it came to 1 quart jar full. The house will smell like onions forever. I'm sure we will, too. Maybe, if I'm lucky, it will be a years worth of onions.
  Today, I plan on fixing stuffed zucchini boats to put in the freezer for later eating, if I stop playing around on the computer. I'm pretty sure there are more zucchini ready to be picked, too. We are going to be so sick of zucchini.
   I am pretty sure I will be making cherry preserves this week, too, since I need the room in our tiny freezer.
   The corn is coming along nicely, but not fast enough for Tim. He says he'll help be with shucking.
   The potatoes are doing great. We'll have them coming out our ears, too.
   The tomatoes are going to be ripe all at the same time, with my luck. I'll have corn and potatoes and tomatoes to deal with at the same time.
   The second batch of carrots is doing much better than the first batch. Too bad, I didn't save the seed packets or write the names down, so I'll know what not to plant next year. Live and learn.
   We discovered why the deer have been leaving the garden alone lately. They have discovered the peas. Peas must be really good. I got 5 pea pods off of them Saturday, and sad to say, that might be the whole pea harvest.
   I am about 3/4 of the way finished with the baby afghan for my friend, Terry. About the same with the one for Amy. I gave up on the sewing idea for awhile. Maybe when I'm stuck in the house during winter.
   My fingers are so sore from cracking. I really wish I could find something that works on them.
   Saturday, when I went into town, I noticed some of the undergrowth is starting to turn colors already. I could be because it's really dry, or, fall is coming really early. I'm not ready for fall, so I'll say it's because it's so dry.
   The dirt road in front of our house is a regular hunters freeway lately. It's bear and chukar season. Scary thought, hunters hunting for bear so close to our house. I have visions of a bear walking up the driveway, as I'm walking down.
   Well, I guess I'll get up and start the stuffed zucchini. After this movie is over.

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