Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer is coming...or so they say.

   Today is July 4th, and everyone up here says today is thee beginning of summer. It was cool yesterday and today. Later this week we are suppose to be in the 90's. We had very little snow this past winter, and a lot of rain the last couple of months and everyone is worried about fires.
   Tim has been busy mowing our pretty weeds/wildflowers and it is a never ending job. One day we might have a riding mower.
   The people behind us are shooting off fireworks and setting off fire crackers. We really hope they don't start any fires. When you live in a wooded area, that is a big concern.
   The dogs are so jumpy with all the fire works going off. It's worse than the gun shots we always hear. Chip is so jumpy, the ice dumped from the ice maker and he had to bark like crazy, and then Jake had to, just because Chip was.
   It would be nice if warmer, dryer weather is in our future. Personally, I think mid 70's is perfect weather.

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