Wednesday, July 21, 2010

In Search Of The Elusive Huckleberry

   Last Friday, Tim and I were on a huckleberry hunt, with a little fishing thrown in for good measure. We know they are out there. If you ask anyone where to find them, they flat refuse to tell you. It's a closely guarded secret. If they do tell you anything, they'll tell you No-telum Mountain or No-telum Ridge. No help at all.
   We know where they are suppose to be found. I really think we need a berry picking guide.

We searched high and we searched low. Personally, I don't think we'd know a huckleberry bush if it bit us. We did see many pretty places. We even stopped at a little touristy, has everything store and asked. They all said they didn't know where to find huckleberries, but they were sure they are on a short tall bush. This was funny because it was huckleberry festival time there.

   Here is Tim hard at work, fishing. He says he caught a few small brook trout. I know he caught a 12" big mouth bass. I saw it break his line as he was trying to land it. It's funny, but now Tim says it was 25" and many pounds. Anyway, it was too big for the 2 pound test line.
   The mosquitoes were terrible, so I sat in the truck for awhile to get away from them. Tim said they weren't biting on the water.
   It was getting hot and boring sitting in the truck, so I went to take pictures.
   There are so many things to take pictures of up here. maybe, on day, I
I'll have pictures of our huckleberry find.
   maybe about that time, I will have figured out how to get the pictures on here right.

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