Friday, July 23, 2010

What A Lucky Unlucky Day

   Today, I had big plans. You know the kind, where you get a haircut and go grocery shopping? You see, I lead a very exciting life. I thought I'd go today because Saturday and Sunday are suppose to be really hot. It's a good thing I went today.
   As I was going down highway 2, I noticed there was about 1/8 of a tank of fuel in the truck. Hum, get diesel, not get diesel? That was the question. I decided to live it up and put $20.00 in. After I had finished, I got in the truck, pushed in the brake, and it went all the way to the floor. Not good. I left the gas station thinking maybe it was just my imagination, and turned into the next driveway off of the highway to see if it happened again. Yup, it happened again and the truck didn't want to stop. Luckily, I wasn't going that fast and the parking lot was for a foolishly built, empty strip mall and the parking lot was completely empty.
   The back brake line on the left broke. Goody. Just what we needed. I called Tim and he called the brake shop where we had the brakes fixed in January, and they called me to get my version and then they called a tow truck. It's a good thing it was only in the 80's today instead of the 90's like tomorrow and the next couple of days are suppose to be.
   The tow truck came and towed the truck to the shop, and before the truck was off the flatbed, two of the guys came out and ask what did I do to the truck? Nothing, I said, I just pushed the break pedal in. See, they said, you did do something. I knew they were joking.
   Of course, the brake line wasn't something they had fixed last time, so I had to pay for it. My fun with the tow truck and the brake job cost $200.00. There went a haircut and grocery shopping.
   It was a good thing I decided at the last minute to stop at the gas station, because the brake line would have broken the next time I tried to stop for a light, traffic, etc.
   The brake shop had air conditioning and more importantly, a bathroom. And, it was clean, too. So was the shop. One of the cleanest shop waiting rooms I've been in. They also had semi current magazines to look at.
   I stopped at the grocery store and got the basics on the way home. You know, milk, lunch meat, dog food, a chocolate mint cake. Yeah, I know, the cake wasn't a necessity, but I needed it after the day I had. I also bought a lottery ticket and a mega lottery ticket. I figured with the lucky, unlucky day I had, why not?
   I'm staying home for the rest of the weekend. I've had all the fun I can stand.


  1. Well you guys have been having loads of fun with the truck lately huh.

  2. You know, if it wasn't for bad luck.....

  3. I am thinking that cake was an absolute necessity at that point in time. So happy you decided diesel not no diesel that day.