Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life In a Soggy Snow Globe

Fall is here, and so is the rain. No snow yet, but maybe Friday. Our weather lady says it's supposed to be less snowy than last year. Jake, our dog, won't go out in the rain unless you really make him, and then he gives you dirty looks the whole time. He doesn't like to get his feet muddy. Murphy, the cat, comes in one door, only to go out the other door, and then around the house to the first door, only to do it all over again. All day long. Murphy doesn't really mind rain, unless it's pouring heavily. On some trips through the house, Murphy will want his food, so I put it down only for him to decide it's not what he raelly wants. You have to make sure he doesn't see the bottom of his food dish, or he comes and gets you to let you know he needs food. So I shake his dish if there is a lot of food in it and add more if needed. Maybe it has something to do with his starving kitten days before he found us. When we do get snow, the in and out routine will be reversed. Jake will want to stay out and Murphy will be quite happy in his rocking chair by the heater vent. He's no dummy, just weird.

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