Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Just Kidding

   Well, spring is finally in the air, every once in a while for an hour or 2 anyway. The last couple of years we have had visiting sheep in the yard, but this year is different. All those cute little kids, the 4 legged kind from behind us, have visited. It's a really good thing we haven't planted the garden yet and they didn't find the berries or the fruit trees. The 6 little visitors really liked eating the pine trees. I still am a goat person, but they are more work than I want to do right now in my midlife old age.
   I have been busy sewing, finally. I have made one shirt, 2 pin cushions made with 4 oz canning jars and 2 quilt tops. Once I can get the computer to cooperate and let me do something with my photos, I'll but them up here. I'm still trying to figure out this new computer. Yup, I'm technology challenged. Anyway, I'm making all the quilts patchwork quilts. I remember being a kid, and having kids, and there is, was and always the same whine of "How come theirs is different", so, except for the placement of the squares, they are all pretty much the same. I am going to make the backs different and I'm going to embroider their names and the dates and that the quilts are from me on each one. I haven't decided if I'm going to close my eyes and pick a quilt for each grandchild or some other way. Two will maybe be a little girlier than the other 3. The sizes of the quilts are 50 something by 60 something. How do you like those exact measurements?
   I definitely have a Phyllis and an Albert White Crested Black Polish chicken. I had hoped I did. I guess I just was lucky to get one of each and not 2 roosters. Five chickens and one rooster is good.
   Spring maybe in the air, but it snowed yesterday morning and this morning. It's a good thing it didn't stick!
   Tim and I bought 4 grape plants and another blueberry, 2 concord and 2 black seedless grapes and a giant blueberry. If everything we already have and the new fruit trees and berries we bought earlier grow, I'm going to be very, very busy. Our veggie garden this year is suppose to be about 45'x90'. Last years garden didn't do all that well, and that seems to be how most peoples gardens grew last year.
   The hummingbirds are back and we told Amy if she's outside and hears a buzzing close to her head, don't swat at it, since more than likely it will be a hummingbird.
   Monday, I went to the dermatologist about my hands. For lack of a better thing to call it, the diagnosis is hand dermatitis. I got a huge steroid shot and some cream that's suppose to work wonders. The Dr. said my hands should be better, but still not great by the end of the week. The cream I use twice a day and I'm suppose to wait at least 5 minutes before touching my face. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I finish rubbing it in, my face itches. I'm really hopping the shot and the cream really do the trick. I have things I want to do, besides my fingers are painful.
   My excitement for today is make some cookies. I just really don't know what kind I want to make. I guess I'd better get to it. Can you read the enthusiasm.

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