Friday, May 11, 2012

Are You Sure It's Really Spring?

   Well, it's May 11, and our low this morning was 25. It is suppose to be our last really cold morning with lows from now on in the 40's and above. We plan on planting the garden this weekend like so many other people up here, so hopefully this is true. Monday is suppose to be 85 which is really much hotter than normal, so I guess I'll get started on sewing my summer clothes. We're normally in the mid to upper 60's this time of year.
   Finally, after years of cracked sore fingers, my fingers are healed. I really hope it lasts. I will be able to spin again. I have missed spinning and my spinning wheels are suffering from neglect, and I've heard them calling me for a while now. The only down side to not having cracked fingers is all the new skin, and thinner layers of skin, make them really heat sensitive. I can live with that.
   Albert, Phyllis and the gang keep getting bigger. They are funny. If they hear or see me, they come running, but don't do this for anyone else. I guess they know who feeds them. I gave them their first of apple peelings  the other day. They were funny. All 6 of them look at the peelings and then turn and all look up at me like  "what are we suppose to do with this". I just have to remember, I have chickens to feed scraps to now and not put everything into the compost pile. I have read they aren't suppose to eat raw potato parts because they could get sick. Also onions and garlic unless you want off tasting eggs. I'm not really sure about the potatoes, though, because I'm pretty sure a friend of mine fed her chickens potato skins and her chickens did just fine. If anyone out there knows, could you let me know. I'm new to chickens.
   We haven't had anymore visiting livestock from behind us for a couple of weeks now. The calves are fun to watch. One was just running around yesterday afternoon, having a high old time. I haven't been close enough to cows before to know the calves played. It only makes sense that they do.
   The deer keep eating our rhubarb. I guess the rhubarb leaves aren't poisonous to deer. We're going to have to move them into the fenced garden, we think. Since they have never gotten really big, thanks to the deer, it will be an easy thing to do.
   I'm thinking about making more yogurt again. My yogurt tasted very good, and was thick until I stirred it and then it was like a milkshake. I can live with milkshake yogurt. I did make vanilla yogurt because I just don't like plain yogurt. Now, for fun, I guess I'll get up and do something exciting, like eat lunch.

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