Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

   It's Mother's Day again, and we did the usual. Nothing. I'm not cooking dinner, though. Tim is not a happy camper. Our brand new spiffy rototiller we bought April 7th died. It's going back to where we bought it from tomorrow after Tim gets home from work and they had better fix it.
   Somethings were planted yesterday and it was the plan to plant the rest of the root crops today, but that's not happening.
   Poor Albert had to be separated from the girls. They were pecking the back of the poor guys head. Now, he has his own bachelor pad. We did put Phyllis in there with him, but she started pecking at the back of his head, so she's back with the rest of the chickens. Tim wasn't really thrilled about having to whip up a home for Albert. This just hasn't been Tim's weekend. Sorry Tim.
   I haven't gotten around to cutting out my shorts pattern. There's always tomorrow. It's suppose to be 85 tomorrow. Way to hot.
   We bought our tomato plants yesterday. They are sitting all over the kitchen counters. We forgot to get cherry tomatoes, so I guess we'll do that later. One year, we really should start the seeds nice and early in the house and just use them instead of buying them.
   Since it's Mother's Day, I'm taking the rest of the day off. I hope all you mothers out there have a nice day.


  1. Happy Mother's Day. So if Mothers day is going this way for dad, just think of how Father's day will go for you...

  2. Probably the same for both of us, but more so for him. They are pretty much just another day.