Monday, December 5, 2011

The Newest Fashion Accessory

    Well, here it is, my new fashion accessory. It's actually pretty comfortable and light weight. It only weighs 1 1/2 pounds. My back even feels better since it has a 3/4 inch lift in the the heal since my leg is that much shorter than the other. Teach me to break a leg in 4 places and then get arthritis, or arthoritis as the kids used to call it.
   I have started more projects, like I don't have enough started already. I am now making 5 teddy bears of different colors for the grand kids. It's taking me a lot longer to cut all the pieces out than I thought it would, but I really should have known better. Hopefully, the sewing part goes as fast as I think it will. I will have a regular bear assembly line going. They just get the bears now and I'll make the clothes for the bears later.
   Our weather has been pretty nice, even if a tad on the cold side. Our snow has come and gone. No snow in the forecast for at least this week.
   No one has started complaining about a brown Christmas yet. We thought it was funny when we moved up here in 2006. People were complaining about a brown Christmas. We just chuckled about that, because we moved up here from the Mojave desert and we really knew what a brown Christmas looked like. The grass was even green, so we thought it was a green Christmas.
   Christmas dinner is at my mother-in-laws house since I did Thanksgiving. Besides, if we do get snow, Tim won't have to go and get them and bring them here.
   The last week there has been some really loud explosions around here. The first on was the loudest and I thought it was some one's propane tank exploding, but it wasn't, and it was in the afternoon. Now, we hear them starting about 8:30PM for about an hour and a half. We have decided they are definitely artillery of some sort. Someone has a cannon and is firing it chasing away deer? Secret war games? Who knows, but we'd like to. We'd also like to know where they are coming from, since they sound fairly close.
   I hear bear parts calling my, so I guess I'd better get to them. Nothing like noisy bears that are in pieces.

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