Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Oh Deer, What Can The Matter Be?

Seen through the dirty window
   Tuesday morning, we had these visitors in the yard. They were so good, the didn't jump the fence into the garden. They probably would have, if they could have figured out how, so they ate from the compost pile and our small berry plants instead.
   Usually when deer see movement, they take off running, but these 3 didn't. They were very skinny and really need to fatten up to survive the winter.
   After grazing for awhile, they noticed something and went into alert mode. We didn't see anything from the window.
   All of a sudden, the deer took off. We knew it wasn't a run for your life run, since it wasn't fast enough.
   You'll never guess what scared them away? Have you given up yet? Well, hot on the heals of the deer, came 19 turkeys chasing them away.
   The turkeys were all fluffed up with their necks stretched out, running as fast as their turkey legs could go.
   It was really funny watching the turkeys. Turkeys chasing deer isn't something you see every day. As a matter of fact, I've never seen it before.
   The deer ate most of the good stuff from the compost pile, so the turkeys didn't hang around long. We have a first come, first serve compost pile.


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