Saturday, May 14, 2011

Poor Rototiller

   We were planting the root vegetables in the garden today when a terrible thing happened. Our trusty Troy Built Econo Horse engine blew up. Tim says there is no hope for it. We've had the trusty tiller since 1988 or '89, and it has served us well.
   Just to make things more fun, our little tiny tiller won't start, either. It's enough to shake your arms off when it does work. Now, Tim is out there digging the huge garden by hand. I really hope he doesn't kill himself doing it. He was preparing the potato area, and it was going to be a pretty big area. We planted onions red, yellow, white and bunching onions, garlic, shallots and 2 different verities of carrots. I was staggering their planting.
   Tim does admit he's too old to be working as hard as he is with the garden. And, just for more fun since he ran over some hidden barbed wire with the riding mower, he was thinking about cutting our massive area of wild grass with an old push mower. The barbed wire popped the only good tie on the mower and the side of the tire blew out. It did something to the blade, too, but I don't remember exactly what.
   Of course, we are suppose to have rain move in tonight and it's suppose to poor Sunday and Monday. Tim got his motorcycle out of his moms garage, where it winters, in the hopes of riding it next week. We have only 20% chance of rain after Monday, so maybe he'll be able to ride. He's going through riding withdrawals.
   While we were out and about yesterday, we had to stop at garage/yard sales, because it's required by law that we stop. For $5.00, I bought a brand new paraffin wax therapy thing I had been looking for in stores and could never find when I had money to buy one. $5.00 was a steal. We also bought an oak DVD/CD holder for $3.00, so we did well. I'm going to turn it into an all DVD holder. We should have a garage/yard sale sometime, but it just sounds like too much work.
   Me, I'd better get cracking and finish Nathan's teddy bear. Also, since it's finally warming up, I need to make some summer clothes.
    I also have a book to review that needs to be read. Soon, I had better find someplace to put the things we moved out of the spare room. I suppose they really don't need to be just plopped in the middle of the dinning room floor. There is also the usual baking and clothes washing to get done as well. The work around here just never ends.

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