Sunday, May 1, 2011

I Did It!

   Since this is May 1, I am assuming the Ultimate Blog Challenge is finished. Now you all know what I have known for years. I have no life.
   It's such a nice sunny day (for a change) today, I am going to putter around outside planting some things, like the sticks from the Arbor Day Society. Surprise, surprise, I noticed some are actually getting leaves on them. I didn't really think they would. I'm also going to plant tomato seeds in the house, since it's still too nippy outside for them.
   Our grandson, Nathan, turns 1 later this month, and I was rooting through my large yarn stash trying to figure out what to make him. I've decided I'm going to crochet him a dachshund. I came across a cute patter not too long ago and thought someone needed one. I'm going to make it varying shades of tan with some darker brown. I'll take a picture of it when it's finished.
   I found some cute lady bug buttons yesterday. I thought they'd be cute on a white sweater for our granddaughter, Michaela. They were cheaper than buying yarn, and since I already have some nice, soft white yarn. a white sweater it is.
   Also, I am going to make a cute little flower purse for our granddaughter, Ashlynn, who will be 6 in June. I'm going to use one of those cute lady bug buttons to button the purse shut with. I'll take pictures of everything.
   One thing I really need to do is clean the oven. I hate cleaning the oven, but since something boiled over in it, our super sensitive smoke alarms keep going off when I turn the oven on. Just so you know how sensitive our smoke alarms are, the smell of garlic bread cooking sets it off. Last night, they went off when Tim was talking to his mother. Last week, they went off when Tim was talking to his dad, and I'm sure, I'll never hear the end of that one.
   Sometimes, the smoke alarms just go off. Only one, and in different rooms. It doesn't matter if they have new batteries in them or not. And it's just a quick, short beeep. It really upsets the dogs. I'm not really worried about it, since I'm used to it by now. 3 years of them doing that will do that to you. I figure there is no need to panic unless all of them go off at once and stay on.
   Guess I'd better get a move on. After I'm done playing in the dirt, there are clothes to be washed and cookies to be made, and projects to get done.

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