Sunday, January 24, 2010


This winter my snow globe is a mud globe. You walk in the grass, and it squishes like you were walking on a sponge. The reast of the yard is just a muddy, muddy mess. Slippery, icy in places, and so deep our Ford F250 has trouble getting out of it in 4x4. Jake doesn't want to go out because he'll get his feet icky (smart dog). Poodle feet hold a lot of mud. I wipe them off when Chip comes in the house and think I did a prety good job of it, and then he jumps in my lap and I see it wasn't such a good job after all. Every once in a while, Murphy comes in looking like a dirty drowned rat, or cat in this case. He likes toweled off and doesn't really seem to mind the rain. We have green showing up in the yard and it's not mold. It's moss and grass. I hope we have alot of  wildflowers this year. Didn't have that many last year.

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