Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

It's Christmas, and with the kids grown, and no family around, it just seems like any other day. Christmas is fun with kids around. I remember when I was a kid, we had to wait until my dad finished his cup of coffee. He managed to drag out that cup of coffee so long, we didn't think he'd ever finish it. I know he did it to make us squirmy kids suffer. I could have done it with our kids, but I don't like coffee. I suppose I could have done it with my morning chocolate milk. Tim did it though, and then he thought we needed to eat breakfast first. That didn't fly with anyone. Adults have a cruel streak in them at certain times of the year. Also, everyone knows when the kids are really little, the boxes, bows, ribbons and paper are the best part. We could have saved a lot of money by just wrapping up empty boxes. One year, when all 3 kids could count, they discovered Alyssa had 1 less present under the tree. I spent the same amount on all 3 of them, but the amount of presents count. I jumped in the car and drove the 1/2 hour into town and went to the only place that was still open, a Thrifty's Drug Store. Not much toy selection there, but I did find a mermaid. All was well with the new count after that and I learned to wrap the same amount of gifts for the kids, even if it was  just wrapped batteries.


  1. My parents used to make us put on a pot of coffee and walk the dog on xmas morning. We did it, of course, and we loved our dog--but we always cussed him on that xmas morning walk. LOL! Great post! :)

  2. (I should have mentioned, we had to do this prior to opening presents!! LOL!)

  3. Thank you. I knew what you meant. The dog probably wanted a long walk, too.