Friday, December 11, 2009

Moose or Bigfoot

Last night, when I was taking the dogs out, a big, hairy, smelly, thing ambled through the trees, just passed the little clearing, not to far from where we were standing in the front yard. It scared all 3 of us. Moose aren't the nicest of critters, and I have heard bigfoot can be tempramental, also. Tim thinks the dogs and I just made it up, because he didn't see anything when he took out the mega light to look. he did smell it, though. I really did hear something really large and saw some huge antlers way up in the air, so I guess that leaves out bigfoot. The ground is so frozen there were no hoof prints and since we have no snow, no prints in that either. Chip was doing his best impression of a gaurd dog, but I could tell he'd turn and run toward the house in a second.  He did have a leash on, since it was very dark outside. Jake was already at the door. Murphy probably would have chased it away, but hewas sleeping in his rocking chair where it was nice and warm. We didn't see or smell anything tonight. Of course, no camera. It was too dark to take a picture, anyway. Besides that, it's hard to take a picture, dragging a puppy on a leash, while quickly walking toward the house. Life is interesting up here.

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  1. there' something to be said for puppy papers.