Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Who's fiber stash is it anyway?

It seems my spinning fiber stash is now my husbands fly tying dubbing stash. At least it doesn't take much for dubbing, and it's not like I have a shortage or anything. Tim told a friend at work who now wants some, so we went through the stash this evening for him. When our daughter, Amy, was here in June, Tim got here hooked on fly tying, so we made her a verity bag of fiber/dubbing, also. If the other fly tiers where Tim and his friend work see the bag full of fiber, I'll be supplying many people. Next thing I know, I'll be in the custome dyed dubbing supply business, since the fiber I/we are giving away is some I dyed. Now, Tim can't grumble about all my fiber, since he's found a use for it, too. That's a good thing. Now I need more for us. Tim has now found out, that you can never have too much fiber. I could take his feathers and add them to the yarn I am plying. I don't think that would go over very well. Who would have thought feathers could be so expensive.

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