Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Garden update

Our garden is doing pretty well. The potatoes are growing nicely. Hopefully, we will get a good crop. The zucchini and spaghetti squash seem to have magically disappearing zucchini and squash. I don't know if deer like them or not. The replanted cucumbers haven't done too much.
We have radishes coming out our ears, and Tim will be so tired of them, since I don't like them.

I harvested some garlic and green onions that were ready. We have a lot more that isn't ready yet. The garlic is hanging on the hand rail of the back steps. No vampires will get in the back door. I thought I would dehydrate the green onion tops. Wouldn't you know, the only place I have to do it is in the house. Now, we can cry up a storm. I wonder if strong onion smell will chase away anything? Visitors, maybe. The deer don't like garlic and onion tops, though they did try them.
The deer have trimmed the pepper plants. The spinach went to seed without getting leaves big enough to harvest. My carrots have managed to end up all over the place and the red leaf lettuce is just now getting around to growing. I hope it doesn't snow in the near future so we can harvest the rest.
All in all, our first garden up here is doing better than we expected. We did eventually put a fence of sorts around it to keep the deer out, but it only worked to confuse them when they got in the garden so they could trample it better.

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