Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More garden info that you don't really want to know

Last night, we had some of our home grown Yukon Gold potatoes. They were really good. Not a bad spot in them and they didn't need peeled. One spaghetti squash is about ready to be harvested. We've never had one before, I hope we like them. We are finally done with radishes and the carrots are slowly growing. We had onions and garlic out of the garden the other night. It's nice going out to the garden and harvesting what you need for a meal. We do have a really bad grasshopper problem that's quite common out here. No more sheep, though. Now, I'll try my hand at canning cherry preserves, as soon as the temperature is out of the 90's. The weather forecaster tells us that our "normal" temperature for this time of year is 84-86. That would be nice. I'm tired of hot weather and there's this small fleeting voice that says it would be nice if it was early fall. That little voice must be out of it's mind, because, after fall comes winter and I'll be living in my snow globe again.


  1. I hate winter and would prefer it be hot, but we have actually had a very mild summer so far. I love home grown veggies, post some pics of your harvest if you get a chance! Tonight I cooked a squash, from my MIL's garden, and an onion in a little butter then added a can of stewed tomatoes and a few italian seasonings. It was so yummy, I had two huge helpings!