Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Why do I start these things?

I thought I'd clean my out closet. What a big mistake. When we moved in here a little over a year ago, I just stashed things in my closet (and the guest room) to get them out of the way. I started cleaning my closet out late last year, but took a long break because I slipped on ice and broke my arm. The arm's as good as it's going to get now, so on with the closet fiasco. I took everything out of it and decided I'd straighten up the guest room at the same time. So, everything ended up in the family room. Because I started this, Tim had to rearrange his closet so we could put blankets and pillows in it. (No linen closet to speak of). My closet doesn't have a lot of useful storage in it. That lead to adding 2 extra shelves in the laundry room, which lead to cleaning under the kitchen sink. Now all I need to do is go through books and decide what to keep. The keepers will go in boxes under beds in the guest room because we have no shelves to put them on. I went through boxes marked "misc stuff" and found lots of collector items, according to reruns of the Antique Roadshow, so I kept them. They will also go under beds. Now, I have junk in the family room that wasn't there, flattened and need to be flattened boxes and assorted shelving in the dining room, and smaller boxes if I need them, in the spare bathroom. None of the shelves are suitable for my books. I'm tired of working on it now, since I've made a bigger mess than I originally had, so it's waiting for me. After this, hopefully, most of the house will be the way I want it until one little thing will through it all out of whack again. I can't work on it tomorrow. I'm making cookies, washing clothes reading books I found in boxes, and tripping over boxes as I get to the stereo for my listening enjoyment. Another project for another day. On reason I think I drag it out is, because, if I finish everything, then what will I do?


  1. You can use the boxes to form a dining room table...

  2. I lose interest in cleaning after I make things a bigger mess too. And then it just sits there longer.