Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Might Be Here, Finally

   At long last, summer might be here. We made it up to 86 today and tomorrow is suppose to be hotter. Summer is nice, but it's really OK with me if we don't have really hot temperatures. I know, some people are never satisfied.
   Hopefully, the garden will start to take off. All the cloudy, overcast days sure haven't helped it any. People have been upset that their gardens aren't doing well, due to the wonderful weather we have been having.
   With the warmer weather comes garage/yard sales. Friday, I spent $2.00 on an unused Black and Decker food processor. The date on the box is 1986. I couldn't pass it up. Alyssa did tell me that it is older than her. I also found one of those glass barometers you fill with water. I've been looking for one of those for quite a while. It was $1.00. It even works. It changed to cloudy weather when the clouds rolled in yesterday afternoon and so far it also is right with the nice weather. Even if it didn't really work, it's interesting. I figure since they have been around and used since the 17th century, they had to work.
   At the same yard sale I found what I really needed. I have been needing a sleigh hook so I can warp my loom, but didn't have one. Well, sitting on top of a shelf was a sleigh hook, The only weaving thing out there and the only thing I really needed. It was $0.50. A steal. Who'd have thought that I'd find one at a yard sale? Of course, Tim did tell me if he knew what I was talking about, he could have made me one a long time ago.
   I figure I will never win the lottery, but eventually, I find just what I need at garage/yard sales. Just goes to show you that the old saying of "One man's junk is another man's treasure." I find all kinds of goodies. I'll turn Amy into a good garage sale shopper. Daniel just shook his head and slapped his forehead with my finds. I really need to teach him that you don't play like you didn't see the garage sale or sign.
   Last Friday, a small circus came to Deer Park and a week before it was due to arrive, a clown was passing out fliers about the circus and she said setting up the tent was open to the public and afterwards there would be an hour long tour of the circus. Amy and I thought it sounded like fun, so we drug Tim and Daniel to go see it. Neither wanted to go.
   Once we got there, there was no one else to watch and nothing to see. The only animals were a miniature horse and some dogs, so we passed on seeing it. Tim and Daniel rubbed it in all day. I still think it would have been fun, if there was anything to actually see. Knowing my luck, all the animals came right after we left. I can't win them all. I guess I should never trust a clown.

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