Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fishing Was Fun

My bass
   We went fishing today, and we all had fun. We all even caught fish. Tim caught a small bass, Amy and Daniel each caught a sun fish and I caught a small bass and a larger keeper bass. It's a good thing Tim brought 2 fishing , because we forgot mine.
   For a free fishing day, there just weren't  many people fishing at Fan Lake, where we were fishing at.
   The mosquitoes were out in force, and it did start to rain. We only stayed for about 3 hours because we were soggy by then, the fish had stopped biting and Michaela was getting fussy.
   Michaela was pretty bundled up trying to keep the mosquitoes from biting her. The rest of us were bundled up, too. Amy and Daniel in hooded sweat shirts, and Tim and I in hooded windbreakers. I'm beginning to feel where I was bitten through my windbreaker. I'll know tomorrow when they really will itch.
My cooked bass
    For supper tonight, I had my bass and everyone else had leftover pizza that I made last night.
   My bass was good. I didn't even brag and rub it in. Much. 

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  1. Hehe well I guess you did earn bragging rights though.