Friday, September 24, 2010

A Malware Virus Puts A Kink In Things

   My computer managed to get a malware virus. Who knows where from. Tim got my computer working, but I lost everything I had on it. It's slower now, too. Tim says he still needs to do things to it. He was told be people to just trash the computer because it would never work. It works. I have alot of computer catching up to do. Yes, that does include Facebook games.
   My parents are visiting, (and a nice visit it is), and they have 2 chihuahuas, Connie and Cash. Cash, the male, doesn't like Chip. All Chip wants to do is play. Even after minor skirmishes, Chip just doesn't learn and still wants to play. Jake is a good big brother dog. He keeps putting himself between cash and Chip. Jake isn't quite sure what to make of Connie and Cash, but his poodle is getting picked on. Jake's poodle, (Chip), is a pest, but he's the only one who can pick on him.
   We took my parents on a drive today that turned out longer than intended. They saw lots of trees. There happen to be a few of them up here. We also went to Cabelas and I had to look at dehydrators. I was thinking of the smaller Cabelas commercial dehydrator. It's bigger than I thought. I could get plenty in it. It might be too big, also finding a place for it. It was nice, though. Another thing to save my pennies for.
   I am sending home peach butter, cherry preserves, sweet pickles, Mexican hot chocolate mix, some of those never ending dehydrated onions, potato soup mix, scalloped potatoes and a beef potato mix, kind of like hamburger helper. They had a shoe box, but now they have a shoe box and a used priority mail box full. The jars are a little loose, so I'm crocheting dishrags to fill in the loose spots. No zucchini or cucumbers for them. Ok, the pickles were once cucumbers from our garden, but those don't count.
   Today, as we were coming up to our driveway after the drive, 2 young deer crossed the road coming out of our yard. They were probably eating tomatoes when we were gone.
   Tomorrow, I think we are going to Green Bluff. It's apple season. One day, I am going to make applesauce and apple butter. I haven't made an apple pie recently, either. Must be time for one, or more, apple pies.

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