Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hail To The Cucumber King

     It seems Tim is the cucumber king at work. I keep sending bags of them off with Tim to take to work for those who want them. I hear they vanish in no time. People ask when he is going to bring in more. One coworker told Tim no one was really interested in the cucumbers he's brought in in past years. I guess we are planting them next spring to make everyone happy. I must admit, they are much better than the ones you get from the store.
   Me, I'm suffering from laziness. I still have a refrigerator full of carrots to do something with, as well as those never ending onions. The potatoes are close to being ready to harvest, so that will be something else to do in my spare time.
   My parents are coming for a visit in the next couple of days, and I should straighten up some around here, but as they tell me, they are family, don't worry about it. I do need to vacuum and clean bathrooms. We even have someplace for them to sit this trip. Last trip, they had to bring their own chairs, since we hadn't been in the house that long and didn't have any furniture.
   Fall is in the air. Fall is my favorite season. It cools down, the colors are beautiful, and I like the way fall smells. Spring is my next favorite season, because it is starting to warm up and, once again, the colors are beautiful. Unfortunately, it's extremely muddy.
   I have been trying to stock up on food and books for winter. I heard it's suppose to be another bad one. Winter means I am stuck in the house so I don't slip and break myself again.
  In the mail the other day, we received a post card saying we were to be a Nielsen family. Yes, our TV viewing is exciting. We don't have cable, and I am the major TV watcher since I am home all the time, and I usually just watch a few shows. It seems most of the new shows I might watch will be on the same time as NCIS and NCIS will be the one I watch. I have watched The Gates and America's got talent. I'd like to know, since it's America's got Talent, why are 2 of the judges not American?
   Ah, well. Guess I should get up and get busy. I have to make it look like I've done something before Tim gets home from work. I do things while Tim is at work, it's just not really noticeable. I let the dogs out and in all day long. I waste time on the computer. I watch TV. I do some cleaning and wash clothes and most of them I even hang up and fold as they come out of the dryer. I'm still waiting on that dryer that folds and puts clothes on the hangers.

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