Monday, June 8, 2015

It's Me Again

   Yes, it's me again. I know, I said I would write sooner, but a lot has happened. The biggest reason is because all my photos disappeared and I am not happy about it. Not pouting, just discouraged. , Laura's Bears & Critters is having a contest. You need to keep checking my page for more information.
   We decided to plant a garden again this year. We are having a drought up here, but nowhere near like California's or other states. Not much snow for the last couple of years is not a good thing. We made it to 98 today, which is way too hot and much too early. I keep telling Tim we need to move someplace cooler.
   Anyway, I will be a good person and write more often and my daughter says when she has a chance, she will try to figure out what my missing photo thing is all about and see if she can fix it.
   Remember, check out my Facebook page for information the contest and to see the bears. I don't have a large supply of bears on hand, but I will be making more as well as other things. I only decided on having a contest today, so there is only one posting.
  Try not to melt or float away.

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