Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanks For The Warning

   This time of year, I like a nice cup of hot chocolate in the evenings after supper. By nice, I mean a little hot chocolate with my marshmallows. I eat the marshmallows with a spoon and if the hot chocolate is still hot, I add more marshmallows to be eaten with the spoon before I drink the chocolate when it has cooled some.
My nightly cup of hot chocolate
The other night I noticed something I hadn't noticed on the bag before, and I do admit I am not the most observant person at times.

 I have never noticed the warning on the back of the bag. All these years, I have been eating my marshmallows wrong. When I eat them straight out of the bag, I always eat more than one at a time, but I am usually sitting down when I eat them because I am watching TV. Yes, I do realize the warning is for little children, but I am someone's child, just an old one and I am not small.
Then I noticed the part about closing the bag after it has been opened to keep the marshmallows soft. When I was a kid, probably not eating marshmallows the right way, I learned that when you open something it generally needs closed if it is not used up or you aren't finished with it. I always put my opened bag in a gallon size zippered plastic bag, but wouldn't it make sense to have the marshmallow bag have a zippered opening to close the bag?
It's pretty sad that there has to be this warning and handy information because some people lack common sense and might sue Kraft.

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