Friday, May 24, 2013

All's Quiet or Eggs Eggs Eggs

   I know, it's been a really long time since I've written anything, but honestly, nothing ever happens. About the only thing that has happened is Amy, Daniel and Michaela moving to Colorado. It's very quiet. I'm trying to put the put things back where they were before they moved in. I'm also making the spare room into a sewing/craft room. I am making progress.
   May didn't get the memo that said it is spring. Wednesday, we had a high of 45 and that night a low of 32. So far, it looks like most of our tiny fruit survived. We still haven't planted anything in the garden since we will be gone for a little bit the end of June. Barbara did plant every seed in her seed packages and is going to give use the plants after we get back. I have no idea what we are going to do with a gazillion tomato plants.
   I have an over abundance of eggs. I don't like eggs and only use them for cooking. Tim doesn't really eat that many. I don't have enough to sell, so we have given some to a neighbor. I really don't need 36 eggs. I know, that's not many compared to what some people get, but for us, it's too many. I have 5 hens and one or two might end up in the freezer. Of course during the winter, I end up buying eggs because the laying has really slowed down to a slow trickle.
   Our assorted berry bushes are doing great this year and hopefully, we'll get a good crop if the birds don't get them first.
   I finally have a lilac bush. I bought it for myself for Mother's Day. We would like to get a lot more and plant them along the fence line behind us and along the property line on the side where there is no fence. Deer aren't suppose to like lilacs.
   Now you can see for yourselves that we are really boring people and nothing exciting happens.

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