Saturday, March 10, 2012

A New Computer And I still Can't Hit The Right Keys Or Spell

    I bought a new laptop last weekend. It's pretty nice and I'm positive it's more computer than I need. Tim has inherited my old 6 year old one. Do you remember the old days when you actually got a paper owners manual? I miss those days. I haven't even found an owners manual for this computer on the computer. I guess since it's 2012, everyone figures you should know what you're doing by now. Guess again. I guess I just have to waste more time on it trying to figure it out. Maybe, Adobe Digital Editions will work on this computer. Maybe, a newer program didn't like an older computer.
   I've started playing Words With Friends with Daniel, Alyssa and Daniel's girlfriend Amy. Except for Amy, Alyssa was right when she said we really suck at playing Scrabble. I think it would really help if we got some vowels. And a brain.
   The birds are busy making nests, so I guess spring is on it's way, even if we are suppose to get more snow and a lot more rain. Once again, it's not bluebirds building their nest in the bluebird house. Oh well, as long as some bird uses it, it's OK.
   On our trip into town for our Walmart tip, we passed the Big R Farm and Ranch store and noticed they had some fruit trees, so of course, we just had to stop. We bought 2 peach trees, 2 apricot trees, 2 pear trees and 1 apple tree. no partridge, though. We would have bought another apple tree, but they didn't have Honeycrisps in yet. We also bought more ruhbarb to replace ours that didn'tt survive the soggy spring last year.
    Then, we went in to pay for the trees and started looking around. Big mistake, and yes, it was my mistake, but Tim said I could. Seems along with spring comes chicks. There were these really neat looking White Crested Black Polish chicks. Well, I talked Tim into getting a couple. He said as long as I was getting chicks, get some layers, so I got 4 Golden Comet chicks. I hope they're not all roosters, since they were all sold as straight run. The girl who helped with the chicks said the Golden Comets were females. Who knows about the White Crested.
   Now, this wouldn't have been so bad, but we have no chicken coop. Tim was planning on making one this year, now he just gets to build one sooner. Right now, since they are tiny chicks, they are in a box with a heat lamp heating it up on the dryer. (Do you think this will get me out of folding towels?) By next weekend, they will need a bigger box. I know for a fact, they will lay more eggs than we will use. Maybe, I can sell some or give some to a food bank if there is one out here that takes fresh eggs. When we lived in CA and I had all my ducks, I gave the local food bank my surplus duck eggs. I guess it's a good thing all the goslings were in last week, because I miss having geese. The ducklings will be in in a couple of weeks. I miss them, too.
   A long time ago, when I got my first goat, we didn't have a place for him, either. We seem to do things backwards. I noticed yesterday that the people behind us have had a lot of kids born. They were having such a good time playing on their big cable spool. I miss goats, too. I'll just watch the neighbors goats since it's cheaper if I just watch them.
   I guess I'll get up and do the dishes and then see if I can come up with some words playing scrabble. It's a rough life I lead. Oh!! The ice is pretty much melted, so I can start going outside again as long as I don't sink in the mud.

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