Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We've Been Overrun By Turkeys

Lately, we have been overrun with turkeys. It doesn't help that we keep feeding them. The turkeys come right up to the door. I know, turkeys aren't the brightest of birds, but these are pretty smart. The actually knock on the door to let us know they're out there.
They have even learned to climb the steps to the back door and knock. If that weren't enough, they finish all the bread we throw them in the front or the back of the house and then they'll run to the other door for more.

We are going through quite a bit of bread feeding them.

This turkey seems to be the bread mooching mastermind. He and his 2 younger friends were the only ones that came for bread, but he told his friends and now we have more. We counted about 20 yesterday and today.
The turkeys are pretty funny. It's not safe to go out- side now without getting mobbed by them.  They come by several times a day. They still eat the grasshoppers, but bread is better. I know I'd rather eat bread than grasshoppers. I'm pretty sure turkey season opened last weekend or this weekend.
Anyone for pre-stuffed turkeys? 

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