Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Peas, Peas And More Peas

A very, very large bowl of peas
     Our peas have been peaing like crazy lately. This top picture is of one days harvest in a very, very large bowl. We have been getting about this much every day to every other day.
   Shelling peas is much better than cleaning spinach. I can sit in my chair and watch tv and shell peas.
   Of course the pea comments have started. Things like, "I'm going to go pea in the living room", if a pea pod manages to escape out of the bowl and stay in the chair the sheller was sitting in it's "who peaed in my chair?"

The shelled peas from the large bowl

   The deer have discovered the peas lately. Luckily, or unluckily, the peas have about peaed out. They still have some pods not ready to pick and some blossoms yet to do anything.
   After they have run their course, I'll take pictures the
nice 4 serving vacuumed sealed bags in the freezer.
   As a kid, I didn't like peas. My mom tried to trick us into eating them by telling us they tasted like candy. It didn't work. I don't think there would be much call for pea flavored candy.

The results of peaing

   My mom still puts peas in everything, but they still don't taste like candy.
   When my brother was young, he would skin his peas with his fork and have a pile of pea mush on his plate.
   I do think it would be nice if you didn't have to chase the peas around your plate and they stayed on your fork once you caught them.
   When the kids were small, Alyssa used to help me harvest the peas and they never made it into the house. Alyssa was eating them as fast as I picked them.
   I tried telling the kids peas tasted like candy, and they didn't believe it any more than we did. I don't put them in everything, either. I ask our granddaughter, Ashlynn, if she liked peas and she told me " uh...well...uh...I think they are kind of gross. I told Alyssa that and she said she figured that out since Ashlynn's peas kept rolling off of her plate.
   On the news not too long ago there was a story about Obama saying people should give peas a chance. What I want to know is, has Obama ever harvested and shelled peas? Harvesting them is hard on the back and shelling them is time consuming.
   When my mom was a kid, one of her brothers decided to try shelling them with the wringer on a wringer washing machine. I guess it didn't work all that well.
   The green beans are being harvested at the same time. I also take them to the living room to break off the ends. They are also going into the freezer in vacuumed sealed bags. I don't like green beans, but Tim and Chip do. Chip get more excited if you ask him if he wants some green beans than he does if you ask him if he wants a cookie. The dog is just weird. I'll let him have my green beans any old day.
   Our potato crop is going to be smaller than last years. We have some good potatoes out of the garden. Last night we started harvesting some of the onions. I have to let them cure in the house because the deer will eat them if I leave them outside to cure. Those deer are just so much help at times.
   We bought a 20.6 cubic foot freezer last Sunday, since we only have the small refridgerator freezer. We have to put all those peas and green beans somewhere, and I like frozen much better than canned. Unfortunately, the freezer won't be here until Sept. 6th because Sears was out of stock.
   Once the freezer is here, I am going to freeze mashed potatoes and hash browns from our potatoes. Later in the year, I think a deer just might find it's way into the freezer as well. A wild turkey or two or so will also probably end up in the freezer.
   Now it's time to shuffle some onions around so I can find the kitchen. For some reason, people want to eat around here.


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