Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Some Changes Made To My Blog

    Last night, I had a brilliant idea. Why don't I add a recipe section to my blog? Being the computer inept person that I am, I called Alyssa, my blog savvy daughter, and ask her how it was done. Many hours later, I added a recipe, home and about me page. It wasn't really hard. Who knows why it took me so long? Now, if only I could figure out how to get things posted to the right pages. I am disappointed comments can't be left on the recipe page, since I'd like to know what people think of them. I also don't know if it's possible to make a recipe archive. I think one of those would be nice, too.
   I will be adding more recipes soon. I hope you enjoy them. I am also thinking of adding a page for pictures I have taken. I know, I really need to add pictures to my posts to make them more interesting. I like looking at the pictures on the blogs I follow. Sometimes, the pictures don't want to get off my camera and onto the computer. Do you think it could be operator failure? I do, unless it's camera censorship. Maybe, even the recipe section will get photos. I really wouldn't be holding my breath on that one.
   Another thing I added is a weather widget so my readers can see how the weather is in my snow globe, if they are interested. I also added a page view counter with an accurate total of views. Tim and I were curious to see how many hits I've had. Now, we know. More than we had thought.
   As you can see, some people will do anything to get out of folding towels. I really have to fold them tomorrow since the clothes basket is really full and I keep walking to the laundry room to pull out dishrags and kitchen towels when I need clean ones.

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